Consultancy Policy

Objective : To establish a framework to support consultancy activities at AVCE

General Principles of Consultancy

1. A consultancy work may be undertaken by the faculty members in their area of expertise.
2. The consultancy services should be undertaken only with prior permission of the institute.
3. It should not interfere with the discharge of prime duties of the faculty member or the department.
4. Consultancy services should not be in conflict with the interest of the Institute.
5. In the context of consultancy services, the consultant should not directly or indirectly get associated with any activity which may be unethical or inappropriate.
6. The two types of consultancy are Individual Consultancy and Institutional Consultancy. Individual Consultancy is offered by a faculty member in his/her individual capacity. Institutional Consultancy is offered by a team of faculty members from the same discipline or different disciplines of the Institute.

Circumstances under which Consulting Activity may be Permitted

1. The organization requiring consultancy services from faculty members or the department shall write to the Principal indicating the expertise required, alternatively faculty could also seek the permission of Principal of the Institute.
2. In considering whether or not permission will be given for consulting activity, the Principal will take into account such factors as the compatibility of the activity with the responsibilities and commitments of the faculty member(s), potential conflicts of interest and the use of institution resources.
3. AMoU may be signed between the organization and the institute towards the nature of consultancy work and the commercials involved.
4. The faculty or a group of faculties engaged in the consultancy work shall periodically report the progress of the consultancy work to the HoD.
5. For any outside visits leave as due is to be availed by the concerned staff members. Special Casual leave or duty leave may be permitted at the discretion of the Principal.

Publications Publication arising from consultancy work shall include the faculty affiliation of the college and the acknowledgement for the facilities used from the college.

Intellectual Property Rights

Patents arising from consultancy work if applicable shall be jointly published in the name of the authors and the institute.

Other Commercial Rules
1. Institute facilities and resources may be used for the consultancy work.
2. Meeting related to consultancy work with the organization(s) may be conducted in Institute and acknowledge the facilities used from the Institute.
3. Revenue sharing between faculty and Institute shall be as given below, after deducting all actual expenses incurred for it:

In order to promote Industrial Consultancy activities in the Institute, the following Institutional charges shall be applicable:

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